Issue #12

Issue #12


Spring/Summer 2018


With poetry and prose—including the winners of the Queens Young Authors and Poets 2018 contest—from:


Nikki Barnhart, Nicholas Clemente, Carrie Conners, Stefania D’Andrea, Noelle de la Paz, Woody Dismukes, Daniel Elder, Sherese Francis, Kezban Gebetas, Yueying Guo, Jenna Hamed, Sangamithra Iyer, Olena Jennings, Béla Kirjak, Matthew Lerner, Julia Lisella, Meher Manda, Minerva Martinez, Yessica Martinez, Kimberly Mendez, Alexander Moser, James Penha, Allegra Porrino, Syeda S. Rahman, Kathleen Williamson, and Drew Zeiba


With an interview with and new work from Bushra Rehman.