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Seeking Event Coordinator

Want to make a difference in the literary community of Queens?


Newtown Literary is looking for one or two very organized, energetic, and dedicated people to serve as volunteer event coordinator(s). In this major leadership position, the event coordinator's main duties are running our two major fundraising events: Newtown Literary Book Trivia in the fall and Queens Writes Weekend in the spring.


For both events, the duties involve working with the executive director, journal staff, blog editors, and the social media coordinator—using existing materials, resources, and processes—to:

coordinate various details related to the events (for Book Trivia, for instance, enlisting staff help in creating trivia questions; for QWW, distributing materials to site captains)

promote the events on social media, in the press, and on event calendars

manage volunteers working before, during, and after the events

laisse with community businesses and organizations


The event coordinator(s) will also oversee all of our literary events (e.g., readings, panels), working with the executive director, event organizers, and hosts to coordinate the event calendar, promotion, and administration of the events.


The event coordinator(s) will work approximately 8-10 hours per week on average—more during the fundraising events, less during down times (summers, holidays).


The most important skills the event coordinator(s) needs are organization and the ability to meet deadlines. Everything else, including promotion, administration, and volunteer management, can be learned. The event coordinator(s) will have the support of everyone in the organization, including the former events coordinator, who will be available as a resource throughout.


This is a great position for some one looking to take a leadership role in the literary community in Queens. The event coordinator(s) gains experience in nonprofit administration, program development, human resources, and other useful career skills. Many of our staff have used their experience with Newtown Literary to develop their resumes, change careers, and make contacts within the literary and nonprofit world. The position is paid nominally per event.


The real benefit, though, is in contributing to and being a part of the Newtown Literary community in a real and vital role, making a difference for emerging writers, those with experience, and those writers and poets from communities that are normally marginalized in society.


Questions can be directed to Tim Fredrick at


We look forward to hearing from you!

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