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Introducing our new Poetry Editor, Sokunthary Svay

We are pleased to introduce you to our new poetry editor, Sokunthary Svay. We’ve published Sok’s poetry, and she read at the opening reading for Queens Writes Weekend this year at the Queens Museum. She is an excellent poet and shares our values of inclusion and community. We are excited to have her on staff. To get in touch with Sok, email her at (Questions about the submission process, though, should be directed to our associate editor, Jackie Sherbow at

Sokunthary Svay is a Pushcart-nominated Khmer writer (poetry and nonfiction) and musician from the Bronx, New York. Her writing has appeared in FLESH (Fixi Novo, 2016), Homelands: Women’s Journeys Across Race, Place, and Time (Seal Press, 2006), and more recently in Prairie Schooner, Women’s Studies Quarterly, LONTAR, and Mekong Review. She is the recipient of the First Friday Residency at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, and the Willow Arts Alliance/Weeksville Summer Arts Residency Fellowship. She is pursuing her MA in Language and Literacy at City College in Harlem. Her recent collaborations include two different settings of her poem “Morning Song” by award-winning composers David Schober and Liliya Ugay. She is a newly-minted Willow Books Emerging Writer currently completing her first manuscript scheduled for publication in Fall 2017. In addition, she is writing the libretto for a monodrama opera for soprano and piano.

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