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Q&A with class instructor Luis Francia

We are excited for our second free writing class, this Saturday, December 3, 2016, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Queens Library at Jackson Heights (35-51 81st Street), taught by Jackson Heights poet Luis Francia, author of Tattered Boat. The poetry writing class is called “Stop Making Sense!”

Luis told us a little bit about himself and gave a preview of his class.

What’s your connection to Queens?

My wife and I have lived in Jackson Heights for 20 years. It is an incredible and rewarding mosaic of races, creeds, cuisines, languages, dress—it is New York writ small.

What can students in your workshop expect?

They will learn that they do not have to have a narrative or storyline, or an important message, in order to create a poem. The workshop emphasizes the spirit of play and the lyrical impulse so that the burgeoning poet surprises himself or herself.

There will be short writing exercises, and pointers on craft to equip them with the tools with which to mine their material successfully. With its title taken from the rock musician—and now Noble Prize winner—Bob Dylan, the workshop will be productive and fun.


What’s your most recent publication?

Tattered Boat, a collection of poetry, was released in 2014. RE: Recollections, Reviews, Reflections, a collection of essays, was released a year later. Both published by the University of the Philippines Press. The book of essays was just awarded the Philippine National Book Award for Best Collection of Essays in English.

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