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Queens Writes Weekend: Diversity Plaza, May 21, 2017

Malcolm Chang is the Site Captain for the The Art and Craft of Memoir Writing, taking place at in the K2 Delights Cafe at Diversity Plaza on Sunday, May 21, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Diversity Plaza

In a city of 8 million souls, there are at least 8 million stories. And in Queens, the most diverse borough in the world, it is fitting that we are holding this event in Diversity Plaza, the center of the melting pot that is Jackson Heights. In our present political climate, it is vital that we share our stories and our cultures, embrace our differences, and celebrate our common humanity. In coming to this country, whether we are first generation immigrants or third, many of us have had to leave something behind. As we try to hold on to those things that made us who we are, and as a way of reminding ourselves of where we came from, the tradition of storytelling is our most powerful medium. Our workshop will concentrate on memoir and family history, although participants are free to write about anything at all.

Whether you are an experienced diarist,or someone who has never considered putting pen to paper, we welcome you to share your story, or perhaps simply to begin the journey of self discovery with us. No experience is needed! We will have writing prompts ready for those in need of inspiration. And of course, since this is in Jackson Heights, you won't find better food anywhere for afterwards!

In the event of inclement weather, the SUKHI organization, located on the plaza, has graciously offered their premises for the workshop.

Readers and writers, I hope to see you there.

Thanks, Malcolm

Thank you, Malcolm!

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