Queens Writes Weekend: Astoria, May 21, 2017

Jennifer Harmon is the Site Captain for Embrace Now: Poetry and Prose in Astoria, taking place at a private home on Sunday, May 21, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. See our calendar of events for more details.

Get ready! On Sunday, May 21st I will be hosting a Queens Writes session at my home in Astoria called Embrace Now: Poetry and Prose. Last year, it was such a powerful and moving experience to host “Writing About Family” that I am moved to seize the moment and be a part of this extraordinary annual event once again.

During the month of April I wrote a new poem every day for a blog called A Daily Dose of Spring Poems. The act of completion, posting my poems daily online, and sharing my voice with a supportive community was truly an uplifting experience for me. It even inspired me to video snippets of my poems and share them on my Instagram account under HoboHarmon and on my personal Facebook page, Jennifer Harmon Poetry.

Site Captain Jennifer Harmon

Everywhere I look, new doors are opening for me as well as for my friends and family in unique ways. This is absolute truth. Every single person I know is truly encountering change and growth right here, right now. At the same time I am documenting and embracing where I am in my life today, I am writing about what hurts, the grief I walk with in my daily life. As a nation and as individuals we are in pain and frustrated with events we have no control over.

Let’s come together to write and share our observations on our pain, pleasure, anger, grief, triumphs, opportunities, and growth. Let’s collaborate! There is solid, fertile soil in the garden of right now. What seeds are you planting?

We’ll have some coffee, tea, and light snacks during the event. Feel free to bring anything you like to munch on or drink. Can’t wait to see you on the 21st!

Thanks, Jennifer!

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