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The Newtown Literary Book Trivia Night

We have a winner! Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Newtown Literary Book Trivia Night, who won a boatload of prizes, including books, gift cards form Astoria coffee, tickets to the Museum of the Moving Image and much more. Team No, You Tell it were the victors, by the thinnest of margins (one point), over Team Coffee and Poetry.

Here are some sample questions from the night. How many could you get right?

Answers below.

Category: Dummies for Dummies

1. Select which title is not a real book in the “For Dummies” series

a. Butchery and Sausage Making for Dummies

b. Ice Cream Making for Dummies

c. Home Brewing for Dummies

d. Vegan Cooking for Dummies

2. Select which title is not a real book in the “For Dummies” series

a. Sculpting for Dummies

b. Coloring for Adults for Dummies

c. Digital Portrait Photography for Dummies

d. Screenwriting for Dummies

Category: Disabilities and Super Abilities in Literature

3. Who is the Firestarter in Stephen King’s 1980 novel of the same name?

a. Rainbird

b. Andy

c. Charlie

d. Vicky

e. Cap

4. In Sherman Alexie’s story “The Toughest Indian In The World,” what is the profession of the titular character?

a. Soldier

b. Fighter

c. Chief

d. Medicine Man

e. Journalist

5. Which of the following authors did not experience physical blindness?

a. Homer

b. Milton

c. Jose Luis Borges

d. Helen Keller

e. Anthony Doerr

Category: International Literature

6. This Nigerian author’s novel was chosen to kick off the One Book, One New York Program

a. Teju Cole

b. Buchi Emecheta

c. Chimelo Okparanta

d. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

e. Wole Soyinka

7. This 1985 novel by Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez explores the enduring power of romantic love.

a. Love in the Time of Cholera

b. The Old Gringo

c. Vuelta

d. Beloved

e. Another Country

8. This Japanese writer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1994.

a. Yukio Mishima

b. Maxine Hong Kingston

c. Haruki Murukami

d. Jhumpa Lahiri

e. Kenzaburo Oe

Category: Poetry

9. Add the number of syllables in a haiku with the number of lines in a sonnet.

10. Who is the current poet laureate of New York State?


1. b 2. a 3. c 4. b 5. e 6. d 7. a 8. e 9. 31 10.Yusef Komunyakaa

How did you do? If you got any of them right, you should join us for next year’s trivia night!

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