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Maura Lee Bee: Where I Write

Writer Maura Lee Bee was featured in issue #11 of Newtown Literary. Here, she discusses her writing space.

I don’t often write at home: I’ll watch too much Great British Bake Off that way. Usually, I go to one of my favorite coffee shops, either in my neighborhood or in Manhattan, grab a cup and a pastry, and write for hours. I find writing outside of where I live I’m much more productive. I am the type of person who draws inspiration from being surrounded by people. I love listening in on conversations, almost as much as I love people’s distinct mannerisms.

When I do write at home, I’m surrounded by books, which is really the dream, isn’t it? I just got the best reading chair and am so excited to write in it. My process is still the same: music on, coffee next to me, notebook to reference my ideas or notes—sometimes to transcribe poetry I’ve written in my travels.

To me, it doesn’t matter where I write: I can draw inspiration from anywhere.

Thanks, Maura!

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