First Tuesdays - April 2018

The Cento for April 4, 2018

All I wanted was to read his poems(1)

She had confided in me – it hurts sometimes, but I don’t care(2)

It’s alright, honey, just read your way along the scroll(3)

They have confused the presence of a hymen with the absence of lust(4)

It comes in all sizes and forms(5)

I still wonder if I could have handled those ropes and pulleys(6)

Spring will come when she comes(7)

Twirling like a whirlwind into a nowhere somewhere(8)

I have only been immobilized for several years(9)

All parts should be rinsed in warm water(10)

You may kiss the barrel(11)

Why the hell did you choose the 21st century?(12)

(1) Denis Grey

(2) Peter Marra

(3) Herb Rubinstein

(4) Valerie G. Keane

(5) Barbara Grey

(6) Dan Fleshler

(7) Marty Levine

(8) Lydia Chang

(9) Norman Stock

(10) Kristi Hart

(11) Malcolm Chang

(12) Lucas Sabbagh

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