Newtown Literary contributor: Abeer Hoque

April 12, 2018

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Writer Abeer Hoque’s work was featured in issue #11 of Newtown Literary. Here, she talks about her workspace. For more from Abeer, check out


I work in the living room of my apartment in Jackson Heights. The windows face East and South and the morning light is glorious. I work standing because it's better for my back and posture and keeps me alert. And if I'm doing work that I can listen to music to, I can dance! I researched lots of standing desks until I realized that this cheapo hand-me-down IKEA bookshelf was the perfect height (with some modifications) for my laptop screen (on the top) and external keyboard and mouse (on the second shelf). If I need a break from standing, the breakfast table is right behind me, and the far-too-comfortable couch to my right.



Thanks, Abeer!

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