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Queen Writers Resist - 500 Day Anniversary

On the 500 day anniversary of the Trump administration, Queens Writers Resist reflected on the events that made its existence a necessity—a bewildering, frustrating and rage inducing flood of daily (and sometimes hourly) affronts to human dignity and the principles that America is supposed to stand for.

QWR is the community of arts and artists in Queens giving voice to the outrage of the conscientious, the fear of the dispossessed, and the refusal to submit to despair. Initially envisioned as an occasional series of events, it became a quarterly, and then a monthly happening. Not just a safe space for protest, it has become a showcase for Queens artists to engage, and to show off the breadth and depth of the talent and diversity that flourishes in this borough and in this polyglot, diverse, multicultural neighborhood.

Sometimes, as a recent reader stated, merely existing is an act of resistance.

Terraza 7 has been a generous supporter of this mission, and the founders—Meera Nair, Amy Treesa Paul and Nancy Agabian—indefatigable defenders of the voiceless, and vocal boosters of the role of the arts in dissent.

QWR is on hiatus for the summer and will return in August or September.

Stay tuned.

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