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Celebrating Queens's Young Authors and Poets

Last September, we began accepting submissions from Queens children and teens in grades 3 through 12 for our biennial Queens Young Authors and Poets contest. Over the course of six months, we received hundreds of entries from kids all over Queens. On June 10, at Q.E.D: A Place to Show and Tell in Astoria, we honored the winners in six categories. Each child or teen who placed in their category had the opportunity to read their winning entry—and what great readers they were!—and the first-place winners in each category took home a copy of our twelfth issue, in which their winning entry was published.

Our goal in holding this writing contest is to nurture younger writers in Queens to ensure that the Queens literary community stays strong for generations to come, and given the quality of the work we read—winners or not—Queens has a bright literary future ahead!

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