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A delayed launch is still a launch!

On Tuesday, June 19th, we launched the twelfth issue of Newtown Literary at Nowadays in Ridgewood. The night was beautiful—as was the venue—but we got a late start due to a situation on the L train. That’s not the train we are used to having issues with (looking at you, 7 train!). Despite a late start, we had a great crowd and a wonderful set of readers who made us laugh and cry and feel lucky to be doing this important work.

Our readers (pictured in the first picture above starting from the left) were Jenna Hamed, Nikki Barnhart, Yessica Martinez, Alexander Moser, and Minerva Martinez, and the host was Maura Lee Bee.

Issue #12 is selling out quick, so get your copy today in our online store!

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