Queens Literary Homecoming

If it's September, it must be time to get back into Newtown Literary's free readings and workshops program. This season's launch was the Queens Literary Homecoming at the neighborhood watering hole and cultural oasis, Terraza 7, which continues to be an invaluable supporter of literature and music in the Jackson Heights/Elmhurst area (Thanks Freddy Castiblanco!)

Tim Frederick, executive director and founding editor of Newtown Literary introduced Scott Cheshire, Bushra Rehman and Jill Eisenstadt, three writers with roots in Queens, who returned to their home borough to kick off another great year of writings and readings.

The readings were followed by a panel discussion and a game of Queens literary jeopardy. If you enjoyed that, and I know you did, you will really love Newtown Literary's Book Trivia Night which will be held at Raven's Head Public House in Astoria on November 9.

Newtown Literary's next reading will be Prose Night at the Astoria Bookshop on October 18.

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